Punta Arenas, Chile (June 11, 2019) — Antarctica21, a leader in the air-cruise model to Antarctica, is set to offer travelers a rare chance to visit Cape Horn, the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia in late September and October, when the austral spring brings a sense of renewal, as the cycle of life begins once again. The company´s new ship, the 73-passenger M/V Magellan Explorer, will operate the sailing routes. Travelers who book early can also take advantage of the company´s promotion on the Ushuaia, Cape Horn, and the Falklands (Malvinas) departures.


 “These remote islands in the South Atlantic Ocean are awe-inspiring and a wonderful place for our adventure-seeking guests to discover,” said Mariano Curiel, Antarctica21’s Director of Expeditions.  “The Falkland Islands are rich in wildlife and culture and South Georgia is one of the wildest places travelers can visit. Its extreme landscapes frame vibrant beaches that host marine life in a way that is incomparable to anything else. ¨

Ushuaia, Cape Horn & The Falklands (Malvinas)
The first itinerary departs from Ushuaia, Argentina, sails across the Beagle Channel to Puerto Williams and then heads south to legendary Cape Horn with an overnight crossing of Nassau Bay. En route to the Falkland Islands, there will be a chance to spot magnificent seabirds, such as albatross and petrels. Ruggedly beautiful and remote, the Falkland Islands host some of the largest concentrations of wildlife in the world, including breeding areas for five species of penguins. This 7-night wilderness adventure itinerary is offered in late September and October 2020, with three different departures. The trip starts at $4,995 USD per person in the Porthole Cabin category.

The Falklands (Malvinas) and South Georgia
The additional offering combines a visit to the Falklands with an in-depth voyage to South Georgia. Embarking from Port Stanley, the expedition will explore the Falkland Islands over three days. Known as a birdwatcher´s paradise, there will be a chance to spot a variety of birds, including penguins and the legendary albatross, during the busy spring time, when the wildlife is busy with courtship rituals, mating, and tending to their young. From there, the voyage will continue to South Georgia, where guests will visit the region for a full five days before returning to Port Stanley. In the company of Antarctica21´s expert guides, guests will explore historic sites that mark Ernest Shackleton’s exploration of the area and view amazing landscapes. There will also be plentiful wildlife sightings including King penguins, Elephant seals, whales, and other marine wildlife. This 14-night wilderness adventure itinerary is offered October 3-17, 2020 and starts at $9,990 USD per person in the Porthole Cabin category.

During the spring, all the sites on the islands are accessible, the weather is pleasant, and the wildlife is plentiful, active and visible.  In the Falklands, the islands are alive with the sound of birds, and visitors will be able to witness the courtship and mating rituals of many different species. In South Georgia, King Penguins, Elephant Seals, Antarctica Fur Seals as well as various seabirds will be present in large numbers.

To facilitate arrival to the Falklands, packages offering hotel accommodation is Santiago or Punta Arenas, and flights to the Falkland Islands are available through Antarctica21.

Antarctica21´s Magellan Explorer is a new modern vessel custom-designed for Antarctic operations. The ship will make its maiden voyage to Antarctica on November 28, 2019.

“We are passionate about offering boutique wilderness adventures and look forward to exploring these new routes with our guests”, said Francesco Contini, Executive Vice President, Sales, and Marketing at Antarctica21. “Since 2003, our small-ship expeditions have offered intimate travel experiences in Antarctica. We are now looking forward to visiting these islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. We believe there is no better way to explore them than with Magellan Explorer.”

About Antarctica21
In 2003, Antarctica21 pioneered the Antarctic air-cruise model to make Antarctica accessible to travelers looking to avoid the stormy Drake Passage. Operating only small ships, Antarctica21 offers boutique-style wilderness adventures that fly directly to Antarctica where guests board their expedition ship. A proud member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), Antarctica21 has completed over 180 Antarctic air-cruises and prides itself on offering an optimum balance between active exploration and high-quality hospitality.

Contact: Rebecca Werner; tel: 917-370-5005; email: rebecca@nullwernerpr.com

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